Kinsella and I Agree on Dean Del Mastro

Kinsella on Sun TV
I'm no big fan of Warren Kinsella. He's the Ken Linesman or Sean Avery of politics.

If he's your team-mate you can put up with him, if he's against you, look out as anything could happen, usually something dirty.  Today however he is right on the mark.

Del Mastro 'What's that noise, sounds like a train?'
Dean Del Mastro, the Harper Conservative's dog, bites to kill when he accused Justin Trudeau of being a bad Catholic.  Del Mastro says Trudeau is a bad Catholic because he is pro-choice.

Del Mastro also a Catholic supports Capital Punishment.  The Catholic Church has long been against this form of punishment.  Does that make him a bad Catholic too?

Del Mastro or Del Scumbag as referenced by Kinsella, is a bully and someone who should be replaced in the next election.

I take up Warren's call to make the defeat of Del Mastro a priority in the next election.  And since the NDP candidate finished second in the last election, I hope Warren can muster the troops to elect the NDP candidate to be sure we defeat the less than honourable member from Peterborough.

See election results below...

Election Results from Peterborough, May 2, 2011 Click to enlarge


ck said...

From what I hear, Peterborough has a large Catholic population. If popular teachers from their Catholic school system get pissed with Dean of Gastroenteritis enough, it may not be too hard to unseat him. So far, Dean of Gastro's temper tantrum is not impressing the teacher or principal who organized Justin Trudeau's speaking engagement.

But of more concern to me is that the wrong argument is being had here. Why is Justin twisting himself into knots defending himself as a Catholic? As a voter, I don't care if politicians are good Catholics, Protestants, Jews or Muslims or any other religion. All I care about is their politics. Whatever the hell happened to separation of church and state?

Rick Barnes said...

It's a good rallying cry. I mean its wrong for Del mastro to attack him like this. Its an opening for the Libs to get some airplay, as hard as it is for them these days.

A gift from heaven if I may, for the Libs.

Anonymous said...

Dean identifies himself as a "Confirmed Roman Catholic who chooses to attend a Pentecostal Church". (keep a foot in two doors?)

Justin didn't bring up his religion. He responded to during an interview when the interviewer brought up Mr. Del MAstro's comments on Facebook.

And as a person of faith, I understand why is it upsetting to have someone like Dean Del Hypocrite attack your personal faith and values.

It was a personal attack. It made me feel sick too. A true person of faith would never have behaved that way.

It was a bully move by a big jealous bully. Mean spirited.