Mayor Ford reasons to end Occupy Toronto

Reasons Mayor Ford will use to try and shut down the Toronto Occupy site.

1. complaints from Sun News
2. need to winterize the sprinkler system
3. for the health and safety of protesters
4. cause all the other Canadian cities got rid of their Occupy sites

5. we can't afford to keep police watching it all winter
6. the fire inspections take fire fighters away from conducting real fire inspections
7. you can't just live in Toronto and not pay property taxes
8. there shouldn't be any free lunches in my Toronto
9. he heard that they served gravy, get rid of the gravy train

10. it's a breeding ground for future Marg Delahunty's
11. the Yurt Library sets a bad example being open 24/7
12. these people don't vote on things, must have supervised secret ballot on all decisions
13. some of the people look very weird
14. they have solar panels, how can I sell Toronto Hydro if it doesn't have customers
15. some of the protesters are vegetarians

16. the homeless will think they can sleep in parks too
17. they should go to the cottage like normal people if they want to camp
18. cause it will take peoples attention away from my tutu moment with Karen Kain
19. that woman Margaret Battwood supports them
20. thats where the new subway station is gonna go
21. parks are for the people
22. it's King St, not Utopia Culled de Sack
23. too many bicycles in one place cant be good

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