Police use pepper-spray against sitting Students

The rule of thumb in use-of-force: police are prohibited from applying more physical force than is necessary to accomplish a legitimate law enforcement task.
H/t to Joshua Holland

Watch the video below of university students.  The students are sitting.  The students are not threatening. They are sitting very peacefully.  Then a police office pulls out his pepper spray and walks down the line of sitting students and sprays everyone of them.

The students remain in place despite the spray.  The officer then goes back and sprays the students again. The police then randomly selecting students to be arrested.

Having arrested a few students, the police start backing out.  It is amazing to watch as the police back out.  They know they have used excessive force.  If you have a child or loved one in University, whether you agree with the occupy movement or not, do you feel that your child or loved one should be pepper sprayed because they were protesting in such a peaceful fashion?

Do you think the police could have used much less force?  Do you think the police even had to act here in the first place?

 What this video shows is the incredible lengths the police will go to end a peaceful protest. Its becoming far too common. Police seem to be ready to use extraordinary force to quell even the politest of protests.


Kev said...

It was scenes like this that propelled the civil rights and anti Vietnam war movements into the mainstream. Will they do the same for todays movement?

Rick Barnes said...

Exactly. I hope I am seeing more of a beginning happening now. People do seem determined. These students were amazing. Amazing in that they stayed in place even after the pepper spray.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for youtube, because the corrupt media won't dare disobey their masters and show people what's really going on.