NDP Okay in the House - Could be better

The NDP Leadership battle is taking it's toll on the party in the House of Commons and allowing quite a bit of air time for Bob Rae, the Interim leader of the Liberals and Rae is making the most of it.

The NDP is not backsliding however, with feisty Pat Martin, the entertaining and tenacious Charlie Angus and the calm and thorough Peter Julian doing much of the heavy lifting.  Still the NDP needs it's leader in the house and its top flight of MPs to keep Harper on his toes.

I expect the media will do a better job of covering the issues when the NDP leadership debates begin. They will be crowded.  With nine candidates, it will take a real effort to be heard and to discuss issues at depth.

I have yet to decide whom to support in this race.  They all bring a great deal to the table.  So far it would appear to me that it will come down to the second choice on the ballot.  Topp, Mulcair and Nash would seem to be folks that will grab a lot of second choice votes.  Lots of those who on a first ballot support Dewar, Cullen, Saganash, Ashton, Chisholm and Singh will have made one of the top three their second choice.

Looking at the top three, it would seem to me that Nash may have the inside track for many of the so called 'non-establishment' votes.  You can candidates are keeping track of those supporting other candidates.  No one is going to win this one on the first ballot, at least I don't see that happening yet.

Lets get those regional debates underway!

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