Queer Mexican to be Deported

Herberth Menendez is a 30 year old queer Mexican living with HIV, who immigrated to Canada in 2007. He left Mexico to claim refugee status in Canada because he feared for his life due to the intense discrimination and threats of physical violence he faced for being openly gay and living with HIV.

Despite having submitted detailed proof of the homophobia and HIV discrimination he has faced in Mexico, Herberth is currently in the final stages of his Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Application.   

Herberth has been involved in many community initiatives, including being an extremely active member of Latinos Positivos over the last four years.  He is a valuable member of the Toronto community and we are mobilizing to keep him here where he belongs.

Join the facebook group and or sign the petition here.  Canada was once seen as a refuge for people.  Stephen Harper and Jason Kenny are changing that. We need to support those that seek refuge from discrimination and brutality.  If Menendez is returned to Mexico, he will certainly be subjected to these things.  He is an upstanding member of the community and we need him here. 

Petition at Change dot Org.  The Facebook group is here.

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