Call Mayor 416-397-FORD (3673)

It happened.  This morning the City of Toronto issued Notices of Trespass against the people of Occupy Toronto. Be out by midnight. I am gobsmacked. The movement has been very peaceful in our city.  The park is very clean and well prepared for the colder temperatures.

I don't think these people could be anymore compliant. The only people ticked off are a few Ford Nation folks and the SUN newspaper.  People have a right to protest and there is a history of that occurring in this park since it was established in the infancy of this city.

The mayor just can not leave well enough alone.  In my previous post I named a few 'funny' reasons Rob Ford couldn't accept the Occupy Toronto group.  They don't look so funny any more.  I was hopeful he would leave well enough alone.  It seems he can't accept any opposition, even respectful opposition.  I imagine he sees it as an embarrassment, what with Halifax and Calgary ridding themselves of these malcontents.  

Oddly enough, New York just evicted everyone and now the courts have said they can go back to the park, with their tents.  I expect there will be potential for a legal battle here.

The movement may in fact move onto the portion of the park owned by the Church at St. James. I do know one thing. The Mayor better not use a heavy hand.  Doing so could lead to a much more embarrassing event for him and the Premier of Ontario.  Remember the G20?

This is a free country.  We have a right to speak our wishes to power. We have a right to voice our concerns. If it means letting a few hundred people stay in the park, what does that hurt.  Democracy is not always easy and as people in power have always shown, they don't like it when people exercise it.

You need to call the Mayor's office. Tell them in polite terms, you support Occupy Toronto and want the City to back off attempts to remove them from St. James Park.

Here are a few numbers to call: Mayor 416-397-FORD (3673) Email:  mayor_ford@toronto.ca 

Departments responsible for the eviction notice are: Municipal Standards and Licensing - Mr. Bruce Robertson, Acting ED @ 416-392-8445 and Communications Department - Ms. Margaret Doherty @ 416-397-5313

Tonight go down and Defend the Occupation at St. James Park!

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