Lift the Ban on Gay Blood

The UK has gone a step closer to allowing gay men to donate blood.  I am not sure how successful it will be as Gay men can only donate blood if they have not had sex for a full year.  That seems almost as stupid as the ban itself.  People will either not donate blood or will state that they have not had sex in a year.  Just get rid of the ban.

As gay man I believe I am as responsible as the next person.  Im not going to donate if I have something wrong with my blood. It is just one more way that the larger society discriminates against us.  H/T to Joe My God.

Activist and lawyer Doug Elliott told CityNews, "the rule is so outdated, and many gay men he knows donate anyway."
“I know a lot of people, well-informed people, people in the medical field, who give blood anyway and they just ignore the question….I think if you asked the average person on the street ‘Would you tell a lie to save a life?’ the answer would be yes.” - City News November 2, 2011

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