'blind-sided by the force Occupiers have unleashed'

John Moore nails it in today's column in the National Post...
But the anger out there isn’t about knee-jerk anti-capitalism or grieving those who create genuine wealth. It’s about pushing back against those who got us into this mess by gaming the system. They were bought out with our money and had the gall to then insist they couldn’t possibly continue to do their jobs unless they collected Christmas bonuses that amount to three times the salary of a flight attendant.
As he points out in his column today, when families can no longer get by or plan to have a pension to retire, when education becomes too expensive, look out. We are in a period of severe instability. The economy is fragile and our government keeps telling us we will be okay, just need a few adjustments, some cut backs but all is good.

Kids play area at Occupy Toronto
We are being played by the very wealthy and their government.  The Harper Government served up a big threat to workers when they ordered postal workers back to work with less money than the company had last offered.  He was making it clear, when it comes to choosing winners, the government is on the side of the man. Workers will pay the price.

I live next to one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods, St Jamestown in Toronto.  The people live in very tall rental buildings, housing two to three times the intended occupancy. Young families, people with disabilities, new Canadians, seniors.  Many working at minimum or near wages. The seniors have small pensions. They are struggling.  Each of the last few years has added to their burdens.

Many of the people here don't yet see a connection to the occupy groups or don't think it will change things. Yet under the surface lies a bomb about to go off.  Its smoldering now, you can smell the smoke...

John Moore: Elites likely to be blind-sided by the force Occupiers have unleashed

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