Anti-gay teacher, Kempling has white supremist onside

Look who has lined up in the past to support Chris Kempling. This site if you visit it has many news links, some involving legal battles of their own. Direct link to their support of Kempling.

I am not suggesting here that Chris Kempling is a white supremist, I am suggesting that behind all the bigotry there is much more to be concerned about.
"The effort to create a society that allows people to live with respect and dignity has been making gains in Canada over the last 20 years. It is important to understand though, there are many in Canada that would reverse it all if they ever got their hands on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Notwithstanding Clause."
Often these people will hide behind labels such as "Defending" our heritage, Defend marriage, conservative or social conservative. One needs to look deeper beneath the surface. Just as the federal Conservatives recently passed a majority resolution against same-sex marriage and came frighteningly close to passing an anti-choice position, what is beneath the surface?
"Do any of you believe the Conservatives will implement the "notwithstanding clause" to roll back gay marriage? I do. What is to stop a Harper government MP from introducing an anti-choice private members bill? Not a thing and it is a sure bet to happen if Harper ever gets a majority government."

One needs to know who is supporting the Conservatives and some Liberal MP's. To be fair, many people voting conservative are doing so out of frustration with the Liberal government or western alienation. The other side is too many of those voting conservative do want a return to the "old" Canada. Days when advertisements displayed pictures of a white middle class Mom cooking dinner, Dad reading the paper and "good kids".
"That vision of Canada had no people of colour, no women working outside the home, Men were in charge, sex was what bunnies did, and gays were "perverts"."
The many gay communities, Lesbian, gay men, bisexual, transgender, transsexuals, two spirited, queers, intersexed and crossdressers have a substantial interest in ensuring people be treated with respect and dignity in our country. To me that means supporting First Nations efforts for fair treaties, women's rights to reproductive health control, freedom of religion, freedom from religion and end to poverty in our country.

We, as much as we're seperate gay communities, have much in common with other marginalized groups. Many of us have or are suffering discrimination that seriously affects us emotionaly, physically and financially. For some it leads to attempted suicide. Some succeed. The way our educational, law, and societal systems work is key to a Canada that treats all of us with respect and dignity, to being full citizens.

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Below you will find more on Northern Alliance

The Northern Alliance says...
It is our responsibility as proud Canadians, born of European ancestry, to uphold and respect the vision of our forbearers who built this country. We have the solemn duty of maintaining our nation’s strength and wealth for future generations.

They have this to say on Homosexuality...
"Homosexual marriage: We believe that marriage is a sacred institution and should only be between a man and a woman. The church has long opposed homosexuality in any form because Christianity denounces homosexuality. Sadly, in today's society, some churches, such as the blasphemous United Church, have condoned homosexuality and have been conducting homosexual marriages. As a reflection of the decaying morality in our society, Canada's laws have recently changed to permit these unholy unions."

"Adoption: The Northern Alliance believes that children need to be raised healthy and normal environment by a male and female parent. A child raised in a household where the parents have centered their lifestyle around their sexual deviance will likely grow up to be as disturbed as they are."

They are linked to:
Canadian Heritage Alliance, C.A.F.E., C.F.I.R.C, The Heritage Front, BC White Pride, Nationalist Party of Canada, The Dynasophy League, Novopress Québec, Loyal Canada, Northern Supremacy Battle Music and White Renegade.


bruce said...

Keep it white and straight, what dreamers.

How often do they emerge from their trailers to make these pronouncements?

When I lived there, I often remarked that some parts of the B.C. interior were like the Ozarks of Canada, odd little pockets of people here and there. Sounds like things haven't changed much.

HDcanuck said...

An old friend of mine (he died years ago due to AIDS) used to say, when I commented on the "bible belt", that "the whole country's a bible belt -- the trick is to find the holes in the belt". How true. In the Kootenays the hole in the belt is Nelson. Much of the rest of it is just, well, a hole.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting me about the racist Northern Alliance site. I find their views contemptible. Every two months I get anonymous propaganda from a similar group, but I just toss it.
Chris Kempling