Anti-gay teacher writes on Myth of Homophobia

Kempling on Homophobia

Kempling writes moderate gays support some of his views, perhaps he is referring to the Gay "Uncle Tom's" out there. People like Lorne Mayencourt the BC Liberal MLA in Vancouver-Burrard.

Kempling says...

"Given the evidence and the response of moderate gays, I suggest that the Social Justice leaders of the BCTF seriously re-examine their priorities, and the resources endorsed by our union to implement the goals of GALE. Moreover, If any new members on the list wish to receive a copy of my review of Challenging Homophobia in Schools, please let me know. (It may take a while to download as it is 8000 words). I recommend any teacher who is considering using this resource to "combat homophobia" read this review first."
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