Daily Kos points to Mississippi Christian tyranny

From Daily Kos ...

"As if you didn't have enough on your plate in regards to religious issues with the federal government, let's look at what the state of Mississippi passed the other day in their legislature:"

"JACKSON, Miss. -- Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour indicated Wednesday he was inclined to sign a bill that would require all public buildings to have postings of the Ten Commandments, "In God We Trust" and excerpts from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

The Mississippi House overwhelmingly approved the measure without much debate Wednesday. The Senate approved it Tuesday, but not before one lawmaker tried to kill the bill. Barbour spokesman Pete Smith said "the governor is inclined to sign" the bill into law."


HDcanuck said...

Like I was saying in an earlier post, the US of A is a whole different culture. There is very little separation between Church and State left as required in the Constitution. The nation is descending into religious tyranny, well on its way to becoming the North American Taliban.

HDcanuck said...

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