Pope no friend of queer communities

6,000 people die in Africa from AIDS - Pope said "you will go to hell if you use condoms"

The Pope stuff is just about finished. He was burind today, now we have only eight more masses and the election of another Pope. It should all be out of the way in a couple of weeks.

The Pope is being given a great deal of credit for bringing down communism and connecting with other faiths. Those are good things. He also saw the Catholic Church grow by 250 million members during his time as Pope. If you are a Catholic that is a good number.

What else has he done? Like Bush he did not sanction condom use in Africa, forbidding it actually. Recently he chastised Bishops in Spain for saying it could be okay to wear condoms to prevent HIV in that country. In Africa, 6,000 people a day die as a result of AIDS. The church continues to fight against promotion of condoms, telling the flock they will go to hell if they use them and George Bush says the US government won't financially support any agency that does not "preach" abstinence as the primary means to prevent HIV.

Bill Clinton said that John Paul "may have had a mixed legacy," but he called him a man with a great feel for human dignity. "There will be debates about him. Bush said Pope John Paul was excellent.

The gay community has little to be thankful for with the JP2 reign. The Pope had nothing good to say about us and had taken strong measures to increase official church sanctioned discrimination against the gay communities.

Ethan Jacobs has a chronology of the pope's words on homosexuality. Here is an example;
December 1, 1983: The Vatican releases its official sex education pamphlet, An Educational Guidance in Human Love," which calls homosexuality both a "disorder" and a "social maladaptation." The document's vision of sex education for gay and lesbian people is a stern warning not to have any. The Vatican's guide also lists several potential causes for homosexuality: "lack of affection, immaturity, obsessive impulses, seduction, social isolation and other types of frustration, depravation in dress, license in shows and publications.''

October 30, 1986: Just in time for Halloween, the Vatican's Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith releases the "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons," which warns bishops against being misled by the "deceitful propaganda" of gay activists.

Stepping up the rhetoric a notch from previous statements, the document argues that even an "inclination" to homosexuality bordered on the level of "an intrinsic moral evil." In reference to the AIDS crisis the Congregation laments that gay activists continue their push for equality in spite of evidence that "homosexuality may seriously threaten the lives and well-being of a large number of people."

The Congregation also blames gay activists for anti-gay hate crimes, arguing that while such crimes are lamentable, "when civil legislation is introduced to protect behavior to which no one has any conceivable right [one should not be surprised when] irrational and violent reactions increase."

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HDcanuck said...

Yup, like I said before, the Church will never change. It will just re-define its enemies as the times change in order to guarantee its continued existence. That is how it ensures, as it always has done, that the masses will be afraid, thus perpetuating its raison-detre and hold on power. It is sheer social engineering brilliance; create and maintain a lie so absurd yet so completely desireable that it can't be resisted.