Surprise! Age matters ~ Same-sex marriage

CBC released the results of a national poll on same-sex marriage. The poll shows Canadians divided on same-sex marriage.

Like other polls it identifies Canadians under 29 are the most likely to support gay marriages and those over 65 are more likely to be opposed.

Canadians born in Canada are evenly split 50% supporting same-sex marriage and opposed. Those Canadians born elsewhere are 65% opposed.

The poll suggests the Liberals and NDP are more in tune with younger Canadians and the Conservatives base is much stronger in older populations. Most of us could have made that general observation.
Tomorrow, Tuesday April 12, the House of Commons will vote on Stephen Harper's hoist motion. The motion if passed, essentially kills the Civil Marriage Bill. This vote is critical if Parliament is to pass this legislation. It will be interesting to see who stays away tomorrow to avoid voting. There is and will be increased pressure applied by the Defend Marriage brigade on the four Conservative MP's that have indicated they will support the marriage bill and on Liberals, especially those in Ontario that have said they support or have not indicated which way they will vote.

The Gomery Inquiry plays a big part in the eventual success of the Civil Marriage Act. If the government falls before the legislation is passed or if scared Ontario Liberals fear too much voter backlash, they may decide to sit out the vote or vote against same-sex marriage.

If the Bill fails there will be court challenges in Alberta and other jurisdictions supported by the eight provincial and territorial high courts that have said it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex marriage.

87% of the Canadian population now lives in a jurisdiction that permits same-sex marriages. The law if passed would ensure same-sex marriage across Canada.

This is only the first part of the debate for equal marriage. It will continue into the next federal election. Stephen Harper has promised to pass a law defining marriage as being between a man and a woman if elected. Harper is suggesting to Canadians that this is possible without using the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights. Harper is either ignorant of constitutional law or deliberately deceiving Canadians.
Canadians that oppose same-sex marriage in some cases may not be supportive of efforts to use the Charter to block them. If the notwithstanding clause is required then you are actually taking deliberate steps to prevent some Canadians from accessing the rights they are entitled too. That is a different story.

Some of us actually respect the law of Canada and our Constitution.

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bruce said...

I wonder how much people realize that if the vote fails, Parliament will be forced to use the notwithstanding clause for the first time in history. That could open a whole new can of worms on discrimination cases.

HDcanuck said...

We shall see ... I don't think the vote will fail, but if it does after previous indications of how the vote would go, it is tantamount to a vote of non-confidence in the government and the government will fall shortly thereafter. Get used to the sound of "Prime Minister Harper".

Rick Barnes said...


Prime Minister Harper is too much. It is kinda like saying Premier Campbell, heck Premier Vanderzalm is starting to sound better!

HDcanuck said...

Oh now, be nice! Willie Woodenshoes wasn't so bad, hehehe. Well, ok, he wasn't too great on moral issues. But he did one really great thing - he brought in the ALR (agricultural land reserve). So even willie could get it right sometimes...

Rick Barnes said...

A correction is needed. The agricultural land reserve (ALR) was brought in by Dave Barrett in 1974.

Willie Wodenshoes actually managed to get several acres out of the ALR by paving it for his infamous Fantasy Gardens home!

HDcanuck said...

Right you are rick... here's a quote from the ALR website: "The ALR was established between 1974 to 1976 through cooperative efforts with regional districts and member municipalities." So you are right, Barrett's NDP brought it in well before they were trounced by the Bennett Socreds. Willie Woodenshoes was still in Amsterdam wittling his footwear!