It’s up to us to stop listening

Few followed Pope’s return to Dark Ages

"The great irony in all of this is that by keeping the Catholic Church stuck in the past, the pope has only helped to hasten the demise of the institution he was so desperately trying to save. A faith that becomes irrelevant to its followers will surely die." - John Murphy The Georgia Straight, April 14, 2005

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HDcanuck said...

Hmmm... interesting piece. But which will die first, institutional religion or western secularilsm? Neither in our lifetimes, I'm sure. But the world could just as easily bury secularism in a tide of religious dogma (Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam -- choose your ooga-ooga-ooga), as the other way around. As Gore Vidal aptly said, "A purge is never not a possibility".

Rick Barnes said...


How right you are. I don't mind people having religion, it does seem though that they have this unquenchable thirst to tell me how to live because of their religion.

That makes it a whole lot harder for me to "live and let live" when they want to force their religious dogma onto me and my friends.

HDcanuck said...

So we now have a new Pontificator. Ratzinger of Germany. Even more conservative than JP, fascist roots (Hitler Youth). What did we expect?