"Will kick Mayencourt's living ass!"

Vancouver's toughest dudes declare they, "will kick Mayencourt's living ass!"

Mayencourt is the Safe Streets Act enforcer, Gordon Campbell's man in the Westend of Vancouver, Mary's token gay guy, Uncle Tom to most gay guys, he has never missed an opportunity too good to do any good to ignore ...

The Tyee tells this chilling tale,

No one is safe

"Things are bad enough here already.

One guy who lives down the street from me told a chilling tale. He was getting on a Robson bus recently when he discovered he didn’t have the exact coins. “Does anybody have some change?” he asked the passengers. Suddenly a short, smiling man rushed onto the bus and began beating him about the head and face, screaming, “No panhandling in my riding, you dope-addled sponge! Get a job!” The mysterious vigilante then kissed several babies and fled. A trail of campaign literature led back to Mayencourt’s Library Square offices." - By Steve Burgess

Read the rest of this sordid story at The Tyee

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