The Pope Dies

The Pope has died

How a new Pope is chosen - From the Heartlands


HDcanuck said...

Okay, everyone on the count of three... YAWN!

Rick Barnes said...

You are too too funny! LOL

one two three

HDcanuck said...

Well, it is rather maddening. Now the media falls over itself to tell us how marrrrrrvelous JP was. Barely a whisper of course of his refusal to move on women in the Church (and because he affirmed that it would be "against God" for the Church to ever ordain women, it will likely be a hundred years before it even comes up again); maybe a sideline on his rigidity on sexuality but no mention that it has caused hundreds of thousands or millions of needless deaths (it is far better to suffer an AIDS death than to use latex, not to mention the countless AIDS orphans). Oh no, let's go interview a bunch of pious frocks. Oh, Boo Hoo the Poop died. Good riddance.

HDcanuck said...

Of course he did do some good stuff I suppose, helping bring down those dirty commie bastards and all that.

HDcanuck said...

Okay, seriously though. You know what really pisses me off about this guy? The hypocrisy -- how you can espouse the dignity of each and every person from the pulpit yet say the hateful things he's said about homosexuals. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Okay, i'm done.

Rick Barnes said...

You are right about the Pope. It will be wall to wall Pope TV for the next two weeks.

Yes he did some good things. Poland but he was 2nd fiddle there too Lech! The stuff about bringing other religions together was good too.

He is likely indirectly responsible for many countries failure to address HIV. The church stand on condoms is down right stupid and is a view held by the majority of Catholics in Europe and Canada.

The hypocrisy -- how could he espouse the dignity of each and every person when...

He choose to condone by his words the persecution of gays


He all but said government leaders that support same-sex marriage are evil

I agreed with all of your posts Jim!