Too Holy Alliance forming

I have referred to the unusual alliance being formed between the Catholics and Evangelical Christian groups in passing a few times here. Bishop Henry has risen to star status these days with his comments about gay marriage.

I expect if the catholic Church can mend its relationship in the long term with the Evangelical folks, all of us better be ready for big fights to protect our seculer society in Canada and whats left of it in the United States.

Mindless in Ottawa a middle of the road conservative has this say on the issue!

The Unholy Alliance: Evangelicals & Conservative Catholics are
Going to Screw Us All...

Check out this
thought provoking article in the New York Times (Free registration Required)Man, you know you're screwed when Evangelical and Conservative Catholic start to break bread together. I guess it started a long time ago, culminating in Mel Giggerous' abomination of a movie. More from Mindless in Ottawa here

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HDcanuck said...

Yes, it is a concern ... but Canadians are not Americans and never have been. The US of A has always been a much more conservative and much more religious state. I do not think this is going to change in a great respect, although we probably will swing relatively more to the right. Every opinion poll on "moral values" questions shows a sharp distinction between Canadian and American opinion. There seems to be a generally held view that if it's happening in the US it's happening here, but it just doesn't hold up to the facts.

Rick Barnes said...

I Hope you are right HDcanuck. They both have found common cause with same-sex marriage. They are working well on this issue. The official Catholic Church has become much more conservative und JP2. That won't change with a new Pope.

Still being aware of these groups actions is important in the never ceasing battle with religion with respect to human rights.

HDcanuck said...

Yes, no disagreement there Rick ... one should always be aware of the moves of one's enemy.