Are Americans saying yes to gays in sports?

Sports Illustrated polls Americans on Gays and Lesbians in sports

Interesting that this magazine decided to do this kind of polling. It is a step forward and some of the answers are surprising. Below are a few of the poll results. There is much more at SI.com.

The poll shows a growing acceptance of gays and lesbians in the United States. It does however indicate some concerns with gays and children. We have a long way to go yet!

Sports Illustrated poll

It is OK for gay athletes to participate in sports, even if they are open about their sexuality
Agree: 78% Disagree: 22%

It is OK for male athletes to participate in sports even if they are openly gay Agree: 86% Disagree: 14%

It is OK for female athletes to participate in sports even if they are openly gay Agree:78% Disagree: 22%

It's OK for homosexuals to participate in sports provided they are not open about their sexuality
Agree:40% Disagree:61%

Having an openly gay player hurts the entire team
Agree:24% Disagree:76%

Survey conducted for NBC/USA Network by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, Inc. Methodology: Penn, Schoen and Berland conducted 979 interviews among the general population from March 18-21 of this year. The margin of error sampling is +/-3.1 overall and larger for subgroups.


Evan said...

Unfortunately, while our spectators might be more accepting of gay athletes, homophobia is so entrenched in our athletic system through the athletes and coaches themselves that it'll still be a long time before we see a lot of out athletes while they're STILL competing with their teams.

Rick Barnes said...

I agree dude! Long way too go.

Same here in Canada, especially with Hockey.

HDcanuck said...

What hockey?

Rick Barnes said...

Very Funny! LOL

HDcanuck said...

Seriously though, let's hope the NHL is done for! This strike may be the best thing that has happened for the Canadian game since 1972. Everywhere people are getting off their couches and rediscovering the real game, as opposed to the millionairre whiner's club of the NHL. I truly hope the NHL is finished, kaput, toast. It's time to reclaim the Canadian game.