Right on cue!

You all knew it would be coming. When Bishop Henry became the subject of two Human Rights complaints the social conservatives would start screaming. The righties are suggesting the complaints filed against Henry are because he spoke out against gay marriage.

Many people have spoken out against gay marriage in Canada, many are very potent critics of gay marriage and if you follow the logic of conservative Rempel at The Politic, they all should now be before Human Rights Commissions for doing so.

How many anti gay-marriage folks are the subject of complaints for their comments on the subject. The answer is one. Bishop Henry.

Sometimes these folks think just because they are a member of a religion, it gives them free reign to say anything they want in society in the name of their religion. Does freedom of religion imply a church leader would be free to call for "the stoning" of someone or group of people? There are limits on all freedoms and Churchs are not above the law in our secular country.

Here right winger at The Politic has posted this...

Bishop Henry smacks 'em down, kicks ass
Peter Rempel March 31, 2005

"If anyone has any doubt whatsoever about the status of religious freedoms in Canada, then it is time to take a good hard look at the recent experience of Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary. Henry made the mistake of speaking out against gay marriage and will now for his indiscretion be hauled before the local kangaroo court known as the provincial human rights commission. The message is clear: Speak out against gay marriage and you will be subjected to abuses by the state."

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bruce said...

I noticed an awful lot of conservative blogs going nuts over this whole thing. Sometimes I just want to bitch slap people. Guess I'll have to turn up the volume and drown those critters out.

Rick Barnes said...

Dear Bruce,

That sound like a plan. You go!

Krys said...

When I read the 'good' Bishop's comments earlier this year, I couldn't help but be reminded of the saying - you can attract more with honey than with vinegar.

As a Catholic and living in southern Alberta, Bishop Henry is the Bishop in my area. I have had a disappointing e-mail exchanges with him regarding his comments.

He is holding to his words.

The Pope reportedly in his dying days had WORDS OF WISDOM that could be directly related to Bishop Henry - love moves hearts

.... such an approach seems to more in line with the practice of Jesus......

I agree with another comment about the hypocracy of Bishop Henry and the Church - "how you can espouse the dignity of each and every person from the pulpit yet say the hateful things he's said about homosexuals?"

Rick Barnes said...

How true.

Thanks for your input.

the soup girl said...

Gay marriage, what a hot topic. Church slams gay rights issue. Ouch. What is all the hoopla about. Are gay folks trying to change the church? If they are, then I can understand. Christians don't hate gays, Christians love everyone. So who are those loud mouth bullies who are doing all the yelling. Gays can marry each other. Who is going to stop them. Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman...and it is also a bond between two people of the same sex. I am not saying that I agree with it all, just that I recognize what it is. Around ten years ago my brother and his partner had a civil ceremony, a marriage-like ceremony. I refused to go based on my Christian beliefs. Today I would go and I would be okay, and I would be grateful to have been included in something so important to my brother.
The church is afraid of losing their rights, of losing their bible. The church is where we are safe, where we sing praises and worship God, we are afraid of losing that.
There are many Christians who don't condemn homosexuals, though we do not agree, we will accept and love others.We are not perfect, but some of us are trying to understand. Please don't hate all of us. It takes time for us to learn and accept, the same goes for you. I will be at my brothers next wedding, I will help decorate and whatever else I can do to show him that I love him.
Fight nice