Pope, Opus Dei and the ultra-right-wing

Who was Pope John Paul 2?

and what is Opus Dei?

The Pope was well connected to a highly secretive Catholic organization, Opus Dei. He gave the organization special status in the Catholic Church, allowing it to work freely without worrying about local Bishops or Cardinals calling them to task.

I have added some links to websites that have extensive information on the operations of Opus Dei and their agenda. Check them out and you will have a better understanding as to what the real danger behind John Paul's papacey presented to us all and what lays ahead.

Only three current Cardinals under the age of 80 were not appointed by Pope John Paul 2. The Pope has assured that the Catholic Church will stay true to his view of the world for years to come as a result of these appointments. Those looking for a new Pope to open up the church to addressing poverty, open up to women and allow contraception will need the "devine intervention" their faith tells them is possible.

Vicente Navarro Professor of Public Policy at Johns Hopkins University writes John Paul 2 ...

"... was groomed for the Papacy, long before he was elected Pope, by the ultra-right-wing sect Opus Dei. This secret organization was founded by Monsignor Escrivá, a Spanish priest who was formerly a private confessor to General Franco, organizing spiritual meetings for the Spanish fascist leadership. Opus Dei chose John Paul as the candidate for Pope very early in his career, when he was bishop of Krakow. His conservatism and anti-communism were very attractive to this sect."

Vicente Navarro's background piece on Pope John Paul 2 is available at Counterpunch, "Opus Dei and John Paul II: A Profoundly Rightwing Pope."

Other sites of interest ...

Opus Dei - The Unofficial Homepage Independent and critical information about Opus Dei. www.mond.at/opus.dei

Opus Dei Awareness Network US-based non profit organization; provides information, outreach and support to those adversely impacted by Opus Dei. Coordinates worldwide anti-Opus Dei ... www.odan.org

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