End Discrimination says 24 Hours paper

Vancouver is being flooded with newsprint these days. Three new free daily papers referred to as "commuter papers" have sprung up. 24 Hours is the newest and part of the Sun Media group that publish papers in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonto and Caslgary as well as other dailies.

Today they have a column on same-sex marriage. It's more of a rant, supporting gay marriage. The paper is hoping to reach out to the under 30 crowd and commuters. Former BC Premier Glen Clark is the publisher and Jimmy Pattison is part owner with the Sun Media group.

On to the rant ...
"As far as religious groups go, they can all refuse to marry homosexuals until they are blue in the face; that can be another fight for another day."

and then ...
"Two men with rings on their fingers will not erode society any more or any less.
They will not teach your children to be gay -- unless they already are. They will not bring hellfire upon our precious Earth."

I for one can not figure out how same-sex marriage can affect a heterosexual marriage. The arguement reminds me of the days when Blacks and Jews were effectivly kept out of certain neighbourhoods.

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