Harper's holy alliance

The Christian Right is rallying its crusaders in the wake of Harper losing his motion this week in Parliament. They are putting up a brave face too. They tell us they expected to lose and perhaps they did. Their goal is delay and or kill the bill with an election, hoping Harper will win.

Now they are not really all that happy with Harper either. Same-sex unions to them is almost as bad as marriage. Harper caught a few of them by surprise when he proposed same-sex unions equal to but not marriage last December after the Supreme court ruling.

Lifesite news sums up the Crusaders viewpoint in an editorial today;

"Christians thus do not advocate for civil unions as a compromise measure in the marriage debate. Such a compromise would undermine the central issue in that it would demonstrate a lack of concern for those actively involved in homosexual activity. Such a proposal amounts to ghetto-ization as opposed to healing."

Still the Crusaders have no where else to turn. Harper is their man and they have to support him for now. The best case scenario for these modern day crusaders, hunters of the unbelievers would be an election. They will focus their efforts in selected constituencies, on those Conservative and Liberal Candidates that plan to vote for same-sex marriage.

Should Harper win the election these folks will claim victory as they did in United States. Pressure will be applied on Harper to use the notwithstanding clause to stop same-sex marriage. Harper will kneel and beg their forgiveness and he shall be forgiven.

Crusaders are unable to accept or perhaps comprehend a secular society. Tolerance of differing views from their own are wrong. They have all the answers. It is their mission to seek out all that is "ungodly" and "exterminate" it for the good of mankind. They are able to suspend rational thought to put aside science. Is it any wonder they thought the world flat, if you said otherwise you were a heretic. Here is more from the editorial I referred to above...

"Legalizing same-sex marriage would amount to societal approval of such destructive behavior. As it has often been said, the law is a teacher. If society is granting unions of this nature the status of marriage, they certainly can't be wrong, the teaching goes. That teaching will bring death, physical death through exually transmitted diseases, emotional and psychological death through dysfunctional relationships and worst of all spiritual death through loss of salvation."
Its not just us gays they are after...

Like those inclined to sex outside marriage, to adultery, to masturbation and other sexual aberrations, those with homosexual inclinations are called to chastity outside marriage and fidelity within it (should they choose to marry persons of the opposite sex).

So what happens if the Crusaders are able to stop same-sex marriage. What's next on Gods todo list? Fortunately we don't have to guess, the plan is already in place in the United States.

  • Text books in schools will have stickers on them warning the reader that the book contains the theory of evolution

  • Universal Childcare will be banned

  • Church run schools will be 100% funded by the government

  • Women will be expected to have several children

  • A woman's right to choose ended

  • Condoms will be banned as there will be no need for them

  • Sex Education won't include anything about sex

  • Women will become subordinate to their husbands

  • Employee rights will be severely curtailed

  • Government will get out of health care, education and welfare

  • Books that provide a different point of view will be burned

Does all that sound ridiculous? Do you think I am making too much of this?

Think again. All of these things have or are happening in the United States and more is coming. All of these things occur where ever "one Thought" is the law. China and Iran are two great examples.

Back to Stephen Harper and his very holy alliance with Crusaders. Look at what the delegates to his party's convention did. They voted 75% for defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. They narrowly missed banning most abortions. Had the Conservative convention been held in Calgary instead of Quebec, they would have passed the motion.

The vast majority of MP's from Harper's party have been endorsed by evangelical founded Christian pro-life and anti-gay organizations. Do you really think that if they had the control of Parliament they woudn't move to change Canada?

These groups will continue to receive financial support from rich American evangelical and conservative foundations. They will continue to be influenced by the success of George W. Bush.

If you think this is just a battle over a few gay folks getting married, look south.

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HDcanuck said...

Anything is possible from a Reform-Conservative-Alliance-Jesus coalition once led by a man who thought the Flintstones was a documentary.