Cran Appeals conviction in Gay Bashing Murder

Webster's convicted killer appeals six year manslaughter conviction in Vancouver

From: XTRA! West

... The court heard that Cran drove the group to Stanley Park the night of the killing, had weapons in his car, took a weapon along with the others, walked armed from Third to Second Beach, found Webster having a smoke by the road, and chased the nearly naked man across the parking lot to his car where Webster was eventually beaten to the ground.

The court also heard that Cran later confessed his active participation in the incident to a friend at a pool hall, telling him, “Lance, we lynched a guy. We beat this guy up.” Another witness, John Morgado, told the court that Cran confessed to him, too. Morgado testified that Cran told him about the night he and his friends went to Stanley Park, found a guy naked and started beating him. When Morgado asked Cran directly if he killed Webster, Cran allegedly replied, “Yeah, it was us...”

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HDcanuck said...

This is symptomatic of our bleeding heart society. If you are young and want to beat someone nearly to death, or even to death, go ahead because nothing much will happen. No wonder we've had a rash of youth led stabbings and swarmings in Burnaby in the last while. As the apologists stumble over each other to explain why these young people do such violence, the answer is staring us in the face; invariably those who do it later say "because it was fun!" The losers who killed Aaron did it because it was fun, they did it for the rush of the thrill-kill. If the courts will get enough balls to make it less fun than fun, maybe we'll get somewhere.