How many times can the Liberals go to that well?

It looks like a battle is brewing as you will see at Peace Order and Good Government, eh?

Liberals are marginally better than the Conservatives in my books. The stuff from the sponsorship inquiry is getting stinkier and it will stick to Martin. It will take several clothes pins to vote Liberal for some people.

The next election will have the Liberals on the defense. Then some Conservative will say something on abortion and we will all forget about the Liberals and scandal or will we?

How many times can the Liberals go to that well?

I am furious that they have done this, they have now put the Civil Marriage Bill at risk of dying on the order paper. Worse, they have made it easier for a whole lot of people to consider holding their noses (one less clothes pin needed now) and voting for Stephen Harper.

If the Liberal Party really took over a million dollars why haven't they offered to pay it back yet. Deny, deny, deny. Liberal bloggers are doing their best to defend their government. They are sticking with them. It has to be tough I am sure. If they want to help Martin and crowd, tell his party to accept some responsibility for this, to set up a fund to pay back the money, at least then people will see a small bit of integrity come back.

I will be supporting Jack Layton in the next election. At least the Federal NDP are not tainted as the likes of Harper or the Liberals.

If voters in the next election look at voting for the NDP where they see the Liberal candidate is toast we can still stop a majority Conservative government.

Friends of mine in the gay community are pissed. They bought the line in the last election to vote Liberal to prevent the Conservatives from getting into power. Not this time, most of them are voting NDP. One of those friends will likely post here to say he is still with the Liberals but I bet he is not as strong a Liberal as he was. We will find out.

Liberal magic may still prevail, they always seem to find a way, I have doubts this time as you have read above.

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HDcanuck said...

Unfortunately this kind of scandal turns the electorate off politics all together and a great many good solid MPs will go down with the ship. What would the NDP's scandal be if they were in power? Probably there would just be a different crowd of friends to be paid off and who would buy influence. I will do what I have always done; vote for the individual who I think is best for the job and who represents me the best, not for the party. If that means voting Left-of-Lenin then fine, if On The Fence, fine. Even Forward-Backward if he or she was the best candidate in my riding.

HDcanuck said...

It does however, seem to have been usually an NDP candidate provincially and a Liberal candidate federally ...

Rick Barnes said...

Got ya.

I also vote for the person, but that person has almost always been NDP.