Pretending to be Lorne Mayencourt

Lorne Mayencourt, Vancouver's worst kept secret...

I found this bit of news while looking for updated info on the the Gay "Uncle Tom" Lorne Mayencourt and his favourite Liberal Candidate, Mary Polak.

It's from the Vancouver Courier ...

Someone suggests Lorne spend five days pretending to be Lorne Mayencourt. We all laugh uproariously.

- Friday, 1:15 p.m.: Lorne announces he'd like to spend five days pretending to be Courier columnist and satirist Michael "Look at my joystick" Kissinger. I do the research. It can be done, Kissinger tells me, but is Lorne circumcised? I ask.

"No problem," Lorne says. "Last year, I spent five days pretending to be a ritual mohel. Hand me that knife."

I look on in awe. George Plimpton never did that.
Dear Courier,

Lorne was kidding, he told me he was circumcised, not that I know why he told me, maybe he thought I was cute.


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