Christian teacher goes too far in Quesnel

"Sexual orientation can be changed and the success rate for those who seek help is high. My hope is that students who are confused over their sexual orientation will come to see me. It could save their lives." ~ Chris Kempling, Quesnel school teacher and student counselor, Letter in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer, February 2004

The BC Civil Liberties Association said Friday in BC Appeals Court there is a limit to freedom of speech and I agree with them. As someone that has worked with many gay men that have been told they were diviants, they could change if only they tried and prayed, i have seen the damage people like Kempling do.

Our youth need to be suppported. It is nothing short of Child abuse when Chris Kempling and his ilk tell our youth they are sinners or can be someone they are not. It is unacceptable and extremely damaging to these youth and they should not be permitted to do this in our schools. The Quesnel School Board should dismiss him.

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Anonymous said...

what dose it mean when even some who are queer or gay or what ever it is that thay are do not come to exceptinse within the very copmunity that thay live in

gays even call down gays in are world to hide thier own identitys from those around them

Christ is about love and if you as an indivigedel or a church body cant come to love gay people than God says he wont love you ither
love hides a mulitude of sins
and God lived the world so much that he gave us his son
so that we all would have a way back to him
Its not about being gay
its about intolerance in a comunity
Churche and you as a church do have a wright to have your say but after all a chuch is a man made religion God did not want us to have us go to an institiotion for spiritual groth or truth

respect God Not Man

A man sees only with his esys he dose not see with his heart
But God wants all us chritions to see things with are Harts it is about time you who are christs should live up to that and love and not hate
Did Christ bring down the law or did he give grace in love for the world get a life man