American and Canadian Same-sex marriage media


"Take a Walk" during Gay "Marriage" Vote, Liberal Whip Tells MPs ...
Lifesite, Canada - 1 hour ago... O'Brien told the Globe and Mail today that the Liberal Whip has warned at least two other Liberal backbench MPs opposed to same-sex "marriage" legislation to ...

Liberals Feel Pressure on Gay Marriage Bill: MP 580 CFRA Radio

Arctic diocese may denounce gay marriage
CBC North, Canada
IQALUIT - The Anglican Diocese of the Arctic may ask its clergy to endorse a statement that, in part, denounces same-sex unions. ...

Canadian bishops united against gay marriage Catholic World News

Canada’s Evangelicals Expected to Rise Up Against Gay Marriage ...
Christian Post, CA - 22 hours agoHundreds of thousands of pro-family and Christian Canadians are expected to join a rally to protest the proposed plan to legalize gay “marriage” in the ...
Gay Marriage Opponents Step Up Campaign in Canada Reuters Canada

Klein Hopes Gay Marriage Bill is Defeated 580 CFRA Radio

Harper blunders on same-sex marriage
Rabble.ca, Canada -... on same-sex marriage) made it clear that the Conservative Party of Canada was not ... that the party would take every step necessary to ban gay marriage (which, by ...
Liberal tempers flare on gay issue London Free Press
Cotler rules out same-sex referendum Montreal Gazette

American Gay Marriage

Bush Renews Call For Gay Marriage Amendment365Gay.com
... A second round of states seeking amendments to ban gay marriage is underway. The first to vote on the issue in 2005 will be Kansas ...
Analyst says Prescriptions for US Economy Would Probably Not ... Voice of America

Gay marriage ban on legislative fast track
AL.com, AL
... an identical game plan for the House on Tuesday. "We're going to get immediately into the ban on gay marriage," he said Thursday. ...

Gay Marriage Ban on legislative fast Track WSFA
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Gay marriage ban fails in conservative Idaho
The Advocate, CA -
... class of people based on their sexual orientation, and they also argue that the legislation is unnecessary and mean-spirited because gay marriage is already ...
Suppporters of same-sex marriage ban vow to try again KTVB
Same-Sex Marriage Ban Fails KIFI
Seattle Times - FOX News

Couple Files Suit to Challenge Oregon Gay Marriage BanGay Wired, CA
Feb 2, 2005... A judge ordered the county to stop issuing licenses after Defense of Marriage Coalition, the same group that fought to put the gay marriage ban on the ...
Group sues over ban on gay marriage Seattle Post Intelligencer

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