Dobson, Canada, Timmy and the "Kung Fu" Monkey

My Queer thoughts ...

The whole marriage debate is getting out of hand, Americans sending money across the border, messages being piped in via the internet and the airwaves, do the Americans think we're Iraq?

How the heck did they find us anyway? When was the last time they heard us say anything? Did I miss an invasion of Canada when I turned off my cable last month?

I thought we had laws against terrorists or are the James Dobson's of the world freedom fighters?

John Rogers, our Canadian Kung Fu Monkey lets it fly on same-sex marriage and few other things... "You may have excellent moral, or religious, or personal arguments against same-sex marriage. But you do not have a single decent legal one. And that is the government's reach, and no farther."

The fact that Catholics, who faced so much violent discrimination in America as "Papists" and were protected only be the strict observance of separation of church and state, can now deprive another group of that shield is beyond shameful."

Go now and read the rest of "oh oh Canada". I have rated the article Blue collar for language. Carries Warning, May make you think, do not go here if that has not happened before, consult with babble at Rabble.ca first.

and Timmy, our Voice in the Wilderness got excited, "Dobson actually has the jaw-dropping gall to lecture our Prime Minister."

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