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One of the newest and brightest tacks in the blogger world is Jim Bobby. This is an example of his writing and thoughts. I can only hope he can keep it up, I have been laughing for hours thanks to his blog. Check it our below and you willknow why I have him as the QT Guest Writer today! You can find him at Jim Bobby sez.

boy-boy girl-girl marryin' ain't such a bad idee

Ol' PollyWolly Inkwells has latched hisself onto a bit o' grist fer the roomer mill an' he sez that
the sharpest new tack in the Tory tackbox is B.Linda Stronach. Ol' Inky sez that B.Linda got up onto her hind legs an' did a fine bit o' speechifyin' t' the other remembers o' parliment an' that there speech is what got 'em all t' vote agin sum damn fool restructurin' idee that ol' Pryminister Fartin' Martin was a-floatin'.

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Ol' Pollyfeller sez that B.Linda got herself a speechwritin' feller by the name o' Derek Burney who used t' work fer ol' Lyin' Brian Mulrooney. Now young B.Linda is one them good pergressive live an' let live conservatives what's come out an' sez this here boy-boy girl-girl marryin' ain't such a bad idee.

I hear tell there's a few others that ain't had their brains washed up by the vangelizers or the Sikhs or the Pope's fellers or the Hutterites or ol' Stevie Harpoon. An' what's this here bizness 'bout StevieBoy sayin' that none o' his team ken get up on their hind legs an' say nothin' 'bout this here selfsame sexy stuff without him readin' what they's gonna say an' puttin' his stamp of approvement onto it?

Another conservative feller that come out fer equalizin' the marryin' rights is ol' DannyBoy Millions outta Newfie. (Jest so's y' know it was PollyWolly Inkwells dreamed up that Danny Millions nickname fer the providential preemie an' not ol' JimBobby.) Well anyways, ol' DannyBoy's ridin' high in the popularity pools in Newfie an'
he come out yesterday an' sed he's fer boy-boy girl-girl marryin'. Now, ol' Dannyfeller ain't a remember o' parliment so he ain't got a vote on this here thing but I say good fer him fer speakin' his mind without askin' ol' Harpoon if it's alright fer him t' open his yap.

There's sum other conservatives has got their heads outta their poopholes on this here selfsame sexy thing, too, like that there
Calgary feller JimmyBoy Prentice. There's sum churches got on the side o' freedom, too, an that's the United Church o' Canadee an' the Muslim Canajun Congress. I got me a coupla lezzy gals livin' right next door an' they mind their own bizness an' I mind mine like good naybers oughta. Them gals got themselves a coupla younguns an' them there younguns is the nicest kiddies you'd ever wanna know. Truth be told, they's a lot nicer than the little peckers I got an' Ma an' I are all married up legal like an' them two lezzy gals ain't.

Like I was tellin' sumbuddy yesterday, ol' Stevie's got bigger fish t' fry than this here marryin' dealie. All his arguin' is 'bout as useless as a striptease at a nudie camp on accounta that there marryin' bill's gonna pass no matter what. As leader o' the opposin' side, he oughta quit wastin' everbuddy's time an' aim his harpoon at things that matter like this here ballstick missile fence and ol' General Clarkson's first-class airplane trips t' Noo York an' Yerp.

Yores trooly,


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He's too too funny. Cheerio!