Wappel - Less than Honourable MP

Tom Wappel, the Liberal MP from Scarborough Southwest has a history of being controversial. How could Wappel rationalise being a member of the Liberal government given his views on religion, homosexuality and abortion?

The only thing I can come up with is that people in Scarborough Southwest only vote for a "Liberal" and he wanted to be the MP so he ran as a Liberal. Perhaps the tradition in his family was to vote Liberal.

Wappel has become a recognisible MP for more than his vigorous condemnation of , and a woman's right to choose.

This story from 2001 may have you wondering how Wappel was reelected in 2004.

Wappel received a letter from 81 year old war veteran, who was legally blind and partially deaf seeking the MPs assistance. Wappel took exception with this person seeking help from him and sent a stinging letter back to the man.

Wappel had information that indicated the Veteran had voted for the Alliance in the election and told the man so. You can read an account of the event by Rex Murphy the often OverPompous but entertaining pontificater at the CBC...

"An 81 year old, who actually fought in a war, to make sure that people
would always be allowed to vote, so that things, like MPs, could continue to
exist, and would have Parliaments to go to, and offices in which to write
sour-cute nasty little letters to their constituents, and then get better
pensions when the MPs retired, than the veterans who fought for them."

- Rex Murphy, CBC National, May 10, 2001

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Anonymous said...

When I moved into the house I’m in I discovered that I had moved from Toronto to Scarborough. I found out that this is the very first house on the southwest corner of Scarborough. When you look out the kitchen window you’re looking at Toronto, just missed it by ten feet. Naturally I got a little concerned about what riding I’m in, having heard about Wapppel, and to think he’s a Liberal. Much to my relief the riding boundary is about one hundred feet to the east so I’m living happily in Beaches East York, an NDP riding. Phew, that was close.