Time to see a movie folks ...

Famous Players Boycotted

Time to see a movie folks ...

Dr Charles McVety, President of Canada Family Action Coalition and a member of the "Defend marriage Coalition" have announced a boycott of Famous Players.

They learned recently that Famous Players was displaying ads supporting same-sex marriage and this has incensed the McVety.

It should not surprise anyone that the largest audience for movies are young people. Oddly enough this is the same group that overwhelmingly supports same-sex marriage.

McVety has provided phone numbers for Famous Player's and I list them below. Make the call, tell them you support their efforts, better still, go to a movie and tell them in person. You've been working hard, don't you need the break anyway!

Famous Players Theatres: President, Mr. Robb Chase at 416.969.7800 or fax him at 416.964.5839 EMail! rchase@famousplayers.ca

Go to their website and send your views: Famous Players Feedback
Equal Marriage


Rick Barnes said...

Thanks to Celine for Mr. Robb Chase enmail at Famous Players email: rchase@famousplayers.ca

Anonymous said...


I saw a movie last night at a Famous Players theatre. I also saw the ad forEqual Marriage. I have sent a supportive email to Famous Players regarding it.