Ontario NDP to force recorded vote on same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is legal in Ontario, changes to the law are required to bring the legislation into line with the Ontario high courts decision that allowed same-sex marriage.

The government and opposition Conservatives wanted a voice vote to be held. This would ensure that no one could be identified as supporting or not supporting the bill. The NDP's attempt to change that to a standing or recorded vote would see members votes clearly identified.

Homophobia continues to reign over us.

See the national Post, Canada's leading conservative paper on the
issue here.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE don't be too hard on your government! I'm writing you from "south of the border" where ignorance and intolerance once again reign supreme.

And as for any of my countrymen wish to question my position, I must quote a great American who was forced out by bigotry:

"I love my country...when it will let me love it."
Josephine Baker

Bisous mes amis!
Bill in Chicago

Rick Barnes said...

Dear Bill

Thanks for visiting Queer Thoughts. I can imagine what is must be like for you and many others when you are faced with the level of official intolerance.

We certainly understand how much better it is up here, yet our leaders need to know homophobia won't be accepted anywhere.

Our gains have come about from many tears, battles, lives lost and a determination to live in a country that allows everyone to be who they are, where ever they are.

Still, if the reject the standing count, we will still have our rights.

Thanks Bill

Salut and in Pride