Does Family Day include gays?

My MP, Kelowna Lake Country Conservative Werner Schmidt, wants a new national holiday in for February 15 every year. It would be called Family Day.

Just one question for my M.P., does this include families?

You can ask him yourself by email at schmiw1@parl.gc.ca

Werner Schmidt
1855 - 250 Kirschner Rd
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N7
Tel: 250.470.5075
Fax: 250.470.5077

Stat holiday proposed for February
Feb, 15 2005 - 3:00 PM

Equal Marriage

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Schmidt,

Your idea of Family Day is a wonderful idea. I have the honor of youth gangs allowing me into their hoods at night because they know that I love them and will fight for them. I have been allowed to stop a few gang wars and save a few lives.

Indeed I wish that their home was more family than their gang family. Also I have prevented some gay teenagers from killing themselves because they felt so alone and disconnected from society. A few Sundays ago I hugged two of them in church and it was an awesome thing to look into their eyes and see some joy returning there.

One girl tried to burn herself to death but at the last moment ran out of her burning home. Another 17 year old came out to me because he felt he could trust me. He was getting ready to commit suicide when he decided to talk. He has never had a gay relationship because he is saving himself for a monogamus relationship in marriage(gay).

Another is a 13 year old Christian(the 16 year old girl is also) whose father is a pastor of a church. This 13 year old is a soul-winner and will even confront his teachers when they start saying man came from monkies. Also two of these kids have their own website to help out other depressed youth.

All these kids are gay and not one of them ever wanted to be gay or chose their gay sexual orientation. Why would a youth open himself/herself up to ridicule, rejection, lonliness, sometimes beatings or commit the ultimate act of being no longer able to stand their pain-suicide?

I am writing this letter because our gay youth already feel alienated from much of society so I pray and beg you that you will not exclude gay families from Family Day. They have already had enough isolation and rejection.

Thank you for your attention and God bless you,
------------------------Dear !!!!!,

You have Mr. Schmidt's assurance that he does not wish to define family in any way when he proposes a Family Day.


Lynne Nicolson
Legislative Assistant to
Werner Schmidt, MP
Kelowna-Lake Country