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Bell's wringing on marriage

From the 'shame of our nation' file, the majority of B.C.'s MPs are opposed to Justice Minister Irwin Colter's 'gay marriage'. Twenty-two of the left coast's 36 MPs - almost all Conservatives - have come out against legalization of same-sex nuptials, to no one's surprise. That means that the bulk of the 'no' votes expected in Ottawa this spring are from this here part of the country.
Observer foresees three gay spirits will visit naysaying MPs in the night, including the Ghost of Human Rights Future, who will undoubtedly show them how utterly discriminatory and foolish their opposition will look in 20 years' time. God bless us, everyone. That's everyone, Don Bell, 'undecided' North Shore Liberal MP.

Equal Marriage

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rick

I have really been appreciating your blog for the past few weeks
through CanadianGay group.

I am sitting here listening to the CBC Radio news and they are talking about this Asian coalition being formed in Ontario to fight the Marriage Amendment.

In my opinion this spontaneous groundswell of ethic righteousness is a convenient camouflage to hide yet another assault from The Evangelical Christian Juggernaut. It would be interesting to see how much of their funding is flowing up from south of the border.

The thing that gets me the most about all this, is that when Same Sex Marriage finally becomes law, IF YOU ARE NOT GAY THEN IT WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE!.

Unless, of course, the very idea of homosexuals being happy galls you, then YES I WOULD IMAGINE THAT YOU PROBABLY DON'T LIKE THIS LAW.

Thanks for letting me rant. Keep up the good work.