Gay Marriage in Williams Lake

In my travels over the internet this morning I found a letter in the paper of my "adopted" hometown of Williams Lake. A short reflection prior to the letter; "I came out as a gay man in Williams Lake and the good people of this Cariboo city let me be who I was. I honed my activisim in this "redneck" community, organized BC's first AIDS Walk outside Vancouver there, started a gay group and made presentations to City Council. The city councils of the day were supportive and thoughtful on queer issues.

The redneck label is more of a surface thing, people tend to say what it is rather than using the smooth words of city rednecks like Stephen Harper.

The letter is from a young person in the Williams Lake Tribune

"If I was brought up to believe that being attracted to girls was sick and wrong, I can't even imagine how painful it would be. I would constantly be at war with myself, trying to subdue my natural instincts. Completely ignoring a feeling as strong as basic sexual and emotional attraction would cause anybody to go crazy. Some people, unfortunately for them, must be forced not to act on their natural tendencies..." go to the Williams Lake Tribune


lance said...

this is a very thoughtful, enjoyable, informative blogsite and I really admire you for posting it and keeping it current. Your thoughts about growing up in Williams Lake are very touching and you have a lot of courage. Thank you very much.

I found your site through your comment on JimBob's site just now.

Rick Barnes said...

Dear Lance,

Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying my blog!