Proud to Quit - I hope I am!

Proud to Quit

A new stop smoking effort for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender / transexual communities has been launched in Vancouver. People outside Vancouver can also take part. Check it out at Proud to Quit

"I am going to try again to quit. March 1, 2005 is Quit day. I will let you know how it goes, hopefully that does not mean rants! You can help perhaps, let me know how you or a friend quit. What did they do in that first week? How did they manage? " - Rick
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“Life without cigarettes is full of possibilities.”

Want to quit smoking? You're not alone. New research shows that the smoking rates for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender/transexual communities are significantly higher than the rest of the population.

Proud to Quit is a community challenge that shares how people like us have kicked the habit – or are learning to. Join the challenge. Call 604.662.7776 or visit http://www.proudtoquit.ca for quit ideas that just might be new to you. Be sure to complete our online survey and enter our contest for a chance to win. It's time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick, I too smoked for most of my young life, usually 2-3 packs a day depending on the volume of my drinking.

A trick I used to help me quit was to change to a brand of cigarette that I did NOT enjoy, a brand that was very dissatisfying.

If you hate the taste of American brand cigarettes you should smoke them for the last week or two before quitting. It helps to trick your brain because when you have an urge to smoke your brain says to itself after that it was not really good or satisfying.

It is a sociological/psychological process.

Another thing to do is change your lifestyle. If you get up in the morning and like a cup of coffee with a cigarette, drink something different like tea.

If you like a cigarette after a meal have a candy or chew some gum and do not sit at your regular place at the table. If you like to smoke when you have a drink, you will need to avoid drinking for the first while as a drink or two will weaken your will power to quit smoking.

What ever habits you have developed around cigarette smoking will need to be examined and likely changed.

You will need to get up on the other side of the bed so to speak......change your routine. Do not have access to cigarettes at your home or office and instruct your friends to refuse you if you were to ask for a cigarette.

Avoid those friends that smoke a lot and avoid any cause for stress and frustration particularly if it be a person. Keep active!
I hope that this is helpful.

I am well aware of the powerful addiction that is nicotine. You are strong and you will persevere ....remain determined and defiant.

Do not give into cravings my friend!