Conservative MP says it all

Okay I have heard just about all there is now for justifying discrimination against equal marriage. This takes the cake.

"Gays can marry," Kenney told the Punjabi language media in Toronto today. "They just can't marry each other." Jason Kenney, MP for Calgary is not one of the Conservatives bright ones, said more ...

I am not kidding, he really did say this today!

Here are his quotes, "The fact is that homosexuals aren't barred from marrying under Canadian law,"

"Marriage is open to everybody, as long as they're a man and a woman,''

"It doesn't say you can't marry if you're a homosexual. The fact is that homosexuals have been married and do marry.''

"there's not a single human rights document in the world that enumerates a specific right to same-sex marriage, including those of the United Nations, European Union and Organization of American States."

Meanwhile back at the ranch an EKOS Research Associates survey of slightly more than 1,000 Canadians found a 42-40 split in favour of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Equal Marriage


Anonymous said...

he is nuts! thanks Rick, Calgary eh, nuff said

Anonymous said...

I know I’m up too late, but it’s almost sad that we have such pathetic opposition in this country. It would have been better for us all if he had just not bothered to try to comment on the issue at all. Rather than trying to tell us something we have all known for centuries. Even our Loyal Opposition can’t find a way to fight this issue.