Webster Murder Update

As expected, no one is too happy with the sentancing of the last person to be tried in the Aaron Webster Murder Trial. Former MP and gay activist Svend Robinson calls for an investigation and says the law failed in not using the hate crimes law.
"Did my brother die in vain? I think so," the victim's sister, Pamela Miller, complained bitterly after Madam Justice Mary Humphries sent Ryan Cran, 23, to jail for what she called a "random, cowardly and terrifying" attack on Mr. Webster.

Gay community critical of six-year sentence in beating death of ...940 News, Canada - 8 Feb 2005VANCOUVER (CP) - A six-year sentence given to a man described as the ringleader in the beating death of a gay man drew criticism Tuesday from the man's family ...

"No Evidence Aaron was Gay" says JusticePEJ News, Canada - 8 Feb 2005"The Crown all along has said it would be difficult to prove this was a "Hate Crime". I suggest the Crown did not even try. The ...

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