Focus on the Queers anti-gay marriage ads

Focus on the "Queers" - the "real message"
is in code. My translation of the
code is in red

Focus on the Family Canada has launched a very negative American style ad campaign named,"The Protect Marriage campaign," geared to mobilizing Canadians who support traditional marriage."

Check out their campaign at
Marriage Matters.

See their ad called bothsides, same as above without my red decoding to appear in publications this weekend with the remaining advertisements appearing across Canada in the coming weeks. I have not seen it yet in print. Let me know if you see it!

Support Equal Marriage


Anonymous said...

Is that for real? That’s hate speech. I work in advertising and I can’t see that crap getting past the lawyers. Guess they didn’t use lawyers. I can’t imagine a reputable publication printing it either.

Rick Barnes said...

Sorry if it was confusing, I put the red stuff on in an effort to decode what they were saying. This group Focus on the family, like their American "master" group headed by James Dobson, has spent millions in the USA and Canada to stop The GLBTQ communities from accessing services, obtaining human rights protection, benefits for partners and children, etc.

Focus on the Queers has been their man date so to speak.

I am mad enough to perhaps suggest we call them Focus on the Faggots!