Dobson bites off too much pineapple

Much is being made of Dobson's effort to square the circle of SpongeBob and a pro gay agenda.

Dobson makes a statement that eventually upstages his puppet, George Bush's return for a second term, then says we all got it wrong. Dobson got the publicity he wanted, has created another evil doer in SpongeBob all at the same time maintaining he wasn't or hasn't done so.

The effect, many parents in his sphere of influence will not have SpongeBob to entertain their children, as it will remind them of all of yucky gay sex. Yes that is what it is about, they don't have a legitimate case against gays on the rights issue, so they create a smokescreen. These people are obsessed with sex. One imagines they repent after having had sex with their wives because they enjoyed it!

Check out this column from MSNBC - Dobson has placed this columnist squarely in his sites, fires the proverbial gun and guess what, he misses!

Delusions of grandeur at "Focus on the Family"

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