US religious groups quietly sending money to Canada

Powerful United States religious groups are quietly sending money and support to Canadian allies in the same-sex marriage fight says 580 CFRA - News Talk Radio

As suspected U.S. groups say they are prepared to spend whatever it takes to ensure same-sex marriage does not become legal north of the border.

The Knights of Columbus head office in the US just paid over $80,000 printing the two million postcards arriving at your local branch of the Catholic church in Canada.

The largest opponent of same-sex marriage in Canada remains Focus on the Family Canada, a branch office or Canadian affiliate of James Dobson's mega empire in the United States. Dobson's agency is under investigation in the United States for spending money endorsing George Bush in the Presidential election.

Dobson recently devoted his weekly radio program, broadcast on 130 Canadian radio stations encouraging listeners to call on their MP's to vote against same-sex marriage or face the consequences in the next election.

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