Saint Belinda, Only hope for gay challenged Neocons

Peter and Stephen should be happy to play in the same theatre as Saint Belinda. In fact were it not for this rising star in the party of the right, their future would be as tired as Ralph Klein.

There are many issues facing Canadians right now and it seems the Conservatives can't leave what is none of their business, alone. The Harper led battle over same-sex marriage rights has gone to new levels of stupidity.

Harper made ground in the last federal election and were it not for a few "out spoken" less than "social" conservative MPs he just may have been Prime Minister. Do you recall the information that came out about Randy "Hang em high or by the balls" White. Mr. White (can you imagine him as Mr. Black) spoke out against gay marriage in a film that was to be released in the fall. I have forgotten the film and I suspect most of you have too.

White's comments allowed Martin and the Liberals to avoid real issues and go on the attack. The Liberals scared a great number of people from voting NDP and Red Tories from voting Conservative. The Charter must be protected screamed, begged Martin. Martin was successful in the end, the Liberals clung to power.

The Conservatives were wiped out again in Quebec. The Liberals and the sponsorship scandal should have lost seats to Harper's party. They didn't as Quebecers saw Harper's posse and not Harper's party.

The Conservatives are toast again in the next election. Their fight over the same-sex marriage indicates the social conservative agenda is still high on the to do list. The right to choose, abortion, will be what the Liberals will say they are defending in the next election and how will Harper fight back. His party has a majority of MPs, given half a chance, would repeal many abortion rights.

Defending the Charter from the Conservatives in the last election has proven to be a wise move. Harper and his collection of Alberta and BC MP's can't get their minds off of two guys kissing long enough to get elected.

My guess, the next leader of the Conservative party is not Bernard Lord, Peter MacKay or Ralph Klein, its Belinda Stronach. Its Belinda Stronach if the Conservatives want to go beyond being bridesmaids to the Liberals.

All that said, don't think I am voting for the Conservatives or Liberals. I just want to know when they get there they aren't going to interfere with my life or steal us blind.

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