It's not so quiet now

American Groups funnel money to fight equal marriage!

The National Post reports on connections and close ties between Focus on the Family Canada and Focus on the Family US. The last two years available show up to 1.6 million dollars have been funneled into the Canadian branch from the US parent group.

Add to this the cost of Dobson's radio broadcast that aired on 130 Canadian radio stations. All the production was done in the United States in Dobson's studio. Expect to hear of many more examples of American money funding the fight against same-sex marriage in Canada.

"How much money are the Americans willing to spend to prevent Canada from passing same-sex marriage legislation? Appearntly money is no object."

Check out more on this from Voice in the Wilderness! Peace, order and good government, eh? and No More Shall I Roam . There's more still at True North.
Thanks to guy that sent me an email tipping me to today's National Post front page!

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Mark said...

They are well-funded and will do anything to stop we "evil" people from overtaking the world and halting the production of human beings. Truthfully, given the American penchant for trying to turn the world into its own image, I am not at all surprised to see this information.