"Tradition" (arguments) fails Harper

Jay over at One Damn Thing After Another provides us with more information on how the "Tradition" (arguments) fails Harper.

Jay points out ...

Fifty years ago divorce in Canada, leave aside England, was a difficult, expensive, blame-casting business. It reflected the then prevailling view that marriage was, by definition, forever. The evolution of the Divorce Act demonstrates that the definition of "marriage" is a fluid, dynamic and socially constructed thing.

"One man, one woman, forever." became "One man, one woman, for as long as they stay together". It is not a huge stretch to say, "Two people, committed."
Marriage has seen many changes over the years, some of the obvious include:

  • Women can choose instead of being "given" away
  • Women are no longer the property of their husband
  • Women have the right to their own assets
  • People of different races can marry each other
  • The words obey are no longer in civil marriages

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Anonymous said...

From the news I've read lately, everything fails Harper.