Gay Marriage poll - Conservative MP

Conservative MP wants your opinion on equal marriage.

Dave Batters is the MP for Pallister, a riding in . Batters has expressed his opposition to same sex-marriage and indicated he will vote against the legislation in Parliament.

Batters has placed a poll on his website asking readers, "Do you support the Liberal Government's legislation to eliminate the traditional definition of marriage, and allow same-sex marriages?"

Dave Batters (Conservative MP) Photo from Batters website

The purpose of the poll is unknown as Mr. Batters has indicated he will be voting against the legislation. The poll does not require you be a resident of his constituency to reply so it would seem he can not use the results for support of his position from his constituents.

You can bet the poll will more likely be used by Batters as an effort to demonstrate opposition to same-sex marriage. You can be sure the evangelical gang in Canada and the United States will be flooding the site with their votes. You can vote there as well. We may be able to take some of the sting away from the final poll results if the numbers do not support Mr. Batters view.

Please refer people to the site to vote!

You will find the survey is on the main page.

Thanks to Pat for alerting us at Thoughts

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