The Undoing of Stephen Harper: Canadian unplugged

The Undoing of Stephen Harper: Canadian unplugged

Same-sex marriage debate reveals Harper out of touch with Canadians

Harper had it all going for him. He convinced the Alliance to join with the Progressive Conservatives. Along the way he also had to assure the PC's that he was a moderate, that the old Reform positions on equality were not about to take over in this new era of solidarity among Conservatives.

Harper needed this same-thought marriage to unite the conservative movement long since fractured with the creation of Reform. Harper succeeded having assuring words for the nervous new partner, that pro lifers and anti-gay elements would be held in check.

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Non-Profit PEJ.org Zips Towards 60,000 Visitors In January

PEJ News: Victoria, Canada-- The newly incorporated Prometheus Institute announced today that it expects monthly visitors at PEJ.org to surpass 50,000 today or tomorrow, averaging over 700 hits per hour, and approximately 60,000 visitors before the month is over— a 50% growth in traffic over last month.

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