Bad day for Harper and Hudak

Ex-enviro minister: Mega-project jobs should trump green concerns

Wow, is it Christmas time?  Harper has been sailing along, getting few hits that seem hurt, certainly in the short term and then former senior Minister and leadership hopeful (When Stephen is ousted) Jim Prentice says that big projects should trump environmental review.  Its stunning.  Maybe its part of a plan to get this junk out of the way so we forget by the time the next election roles around, but I don't think so.  I think its all about real conservatives baring their underwear for all to see.

Check out David Akin's story here.  Prentice left the Tories before the last election to take a job as vice president of CIBC.

To add to the Progressive folks unexpected Christmas pile was this present.  Brad Trost, a sitting MP for the Conservatives, comes out and blasts his own government over funding to Planned Parenthood.  These things usually come out in threes right? I mean if this happened the goddess must be smiling on us.  

Tim Hudak, Ontario Conservative leader must be shitting his pants right now.  Its going to take more than a recycled Bill Davies to get him out of this quagmire.  As we know Hudak and Harper are joined at the Hip, okay joined in united purpose then! 

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