More talk about jobs, Less Xenophobic Hudak

Hudak has gone off the deep end attacking the Ontario Liberal party proposal to help new Canadians.  Calling it help for Foreign Workers, he is hoping to play to those Ontarians who are out of work and "real Canadians". It is disgusting wedge politics and morally reprehensible.

The other unfortunate aspect to this issue is the lack of real discussion around efforts to assist people in getting a job.  The Ontario Liberal plan is very small in the scheme of things, assists up to 1200 people at a cost of 12 million over four years.  The plan is good, it just doesn't go far enough, one wonders why it took an election for the Liberals to take this kind of approach. Why couldn't this program have been introduced in any one of their budgets over the last seven years!

As I stated above the Liberal proposal has merit, but is too small to make a real difference.  On the other hand the Ontario NDP have offered up another plan that would actually see many more Ontarians get a leg up in a new job.

The New Democrats’ Job Creation Tax Credit will reimburse employers 20 per cent of the wage for new hires for one year, up to $5,000 per worker. To qualify companies will have to provide on-the-job training and demonstrate they are creating new positions, not filling existing jobs with subsidized workers.  This will create up to 80,000 new jobs over four years.

Hudak and the Progressive Conservatives of Ontario deserve all the bad press they are getting with their thinly veiled xenophobic attack.  My hope is people will see through this and think about their plan to vote for Hudak and his crew of Harrisites.

We should be talking about jobs during this election and the Liberal's failed efforts to deliver.  We should be looking at the platforms of the parties to see who has a plan for putting people back to work.  More scrutiny there would be a better service to voters than the ongoing mudslinging between the Hudak and McGuinty teams.

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