Liberals offer 30% off school

The Ontario Liberals have concocted a great deal for Ontario students. You can take their offer of 30% off the schools tuition.  That's right, whatever the school is charging you for your tuition, take 30% off that.  And each year going forward you can take 30% off whatever the school is charging you for tuition. Students are already paying the highest tuitions in Canada. Do you want to keep paying more?

One of the problems with this deal is there is no plan to keep tuition at today's price. Each and every year the school will be permitted to raise the tuition.  You will pay more in each succeeding year. If you have a student loan it will get bigger and bigger, Interest will be applied and will cost you more.

The NDP have committed to freezing tuitions and eliminating the interest on your student loans. Over your school years this will save you more money. On top of the freeze to tuitions, the NDP will also provide additional funding to schools to make up for lost revenue from tuition increases.


Anonymous said...

I am a university student right now. The liberal plan saves a student more money during a 4 year undergraduate university degree than the NDP one does. The liberal plan saves $6400 over 4 years ($1600 per year). A tuition freeze even assuming the university tuition increased at a very high rate of about 5% would still save less at about $3258 using a base of about $6200 for low and only $4730.66 using a high base of $9000 if you look at the how much fees would not go up per year under the freeze. This is of course using the fall/winter terms as an assumption.

At my university fees only increased by about 3% last year and are actually projected to go down the next year, so the tuition freeze really doesn't do me any good.

Anonymous said...

To put this another way under the NDP tuition freeze a 4 year undergrad degree tuition fees cost $24800 using the $6200 per year base figure to $36000 using the $9000 high figure. The liberals grant makes tuition approximately $21659 using the low and $34331 using the high figure assuming 5% annual increases.