Strategic voting is a Liberal ploy

Strategic voting is a Liberal ploy to steal progressive votes. Don't let them frighten you into abandoning democracy.  This is especially true in Toronto.   

In Toronto it is either NDP or Liberal. You can vote NDP in Toronto and not have to worry about the Liberal scare tactic you will elect a conservative.  The Liberals are asking progressive voters to sell them your vote based on fear and made up hype.  

Election after election the Liberals have felt they own the progressive voter. They will campaign on the left then govern on the right. It happens every time.  Mr. McGuinty and his party do not deserve progressive votes, they do not deserve our support.  

The years of Liberal entitlement are gone.  The recent federal election saw Jack Layton and the NDP take most of Toronto. We can do it in the provincial election as well. 

The election is the tightest since 1985. We are headed to a minority government. No one party will get a majority.  Who ever wins will have to work with the others. The NDP are prepared to get to work and will work with what the people give them on election day.  Its all about choices.  

In 2011 people in Ontario have a very real choice, they can vote for real change and it will mean electing NDP MPPs. Andrea Horwath did well in the debates and is picking up support across Ontario. That's another reason you are seeing more attacks on the NDP and Horwath from McGuinty and his Liberal Party.

Finally, a poll by Angus Reid released yesterday indicated voters leaning Conservative and Liberal were more likely to vote for the NDP after the debate.

As Jack Layton said in his letter to Canadians - "Don't let them tell you it can't be done!"

updated video added.

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